Swimming for old and young in Ballymun!

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Swimming DublinSwimming is a pleasure for kids of every age – and it is one of the best stress relieving exercises for adults. Babies enjoy floundering about in the bath and teenagers have a good time when visiting a pool with their friends. With a host of facilities on your doorstep in Dublin, you too can learn to enjoy the water this summer!

Learning to swim brings with it a number of benefits. Not only is it fun, but it also increases self-confidence. A good swimmer feels safe, strong, fit and can rely on their own strengths in an emergency. Swimming can save lives and is also an excellent way to keep active.

Other benefits of swimming include: strong muscles and bones; improved coordination, balance and flexibility; reduced risk of becoming overweight; reduced risk of developing heart disease, cancer and diabetes and preserved joints – in the water we’re nearly weightless!

Wherever there is water there is risk, so it’s good to learn to swim as early as possible. Here are some tips for getting started.

Swimming lessons for children:

At baby swimming lessons, the focus is on bringing your baby to the water and get used the environment. This helps with children enjoying the water and benefits the child in later years when they take more structured lessons.

Toddler swimming starts between one and four years. It’s about fun and games and should ease any fears and basic lessons can be given to instil confidence.

At the age of about four children to expand their basic skills like diving and jumping, and also learn to coordinate legs, arms and breathing.

Always ensure that wherever your child is swimming that there is a lifeguard on duty to assist in any emergency.

Swimming is a sport for life, and it’s never too late to start. The Ballymun Leisure Centre offers swimming lessons for children from the age of 3 as well as for adults.

Swimming facilities and day trips:

Swimming Dublin

As well as the wonderful facilities of the local leisure centre, there are a number of places within easy reach of Ballymun to enjoy the water and cool off!

A great place for an exciting activity is the National Aquatic Centre, Dublin which is only 30 minutes away on the 17A https://www.nationalaquaticcentre.ie/

Swimming DublinAnother great and safe spot is the Balcarrick beach in Donabate, Dublin which is approximately 20km away from Ballymun. There is a lot to explore and swimming is thanks to a lifeguard safe between June and September at this Blue Flag Beach.

If you have any other places for swimming activities please let us know!

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