About Us

In 2016, the Prevention and Education Committee of the Ballymun Local Drugs and Alcohol Taskforce identified the need to increase access to parent-to-parent support in Ballymun.

To create a service for parents in Ballymun, we though the best place to start was to talk to talk to parents in Ballymun. We held in-depth one-to-one interviews with parents, surveyed parents online and outside Supervalu. We also held focus groups and surveyed staff and volunteers who work in the services in Ballymun. We discovered that parents had an increasing presence on social media and that a vibrant, online community for parents in Ballymun was welcomed.

Ballymun Connects offers parents in Ballymun a mobile-optimised website alongside a vibrant Facebook page. As well as being a directory of trusted organisations and services, it includes information on events and activities taking place in Ballymun, useful tips on parenting and blogs written by parents and service workers. Everything is presented in parent-friendly language with links, images, audio and video content to make it more inviting.

Parents can get help from other parents in Ballymun by posting on the Ballymun Connects Facebook page. If you would rather post anonymously, please email your post to ballymunconnects@ballymundtf.ie.

Ballymun Connects launched in December 2016. We want parents in Ballymun to be with us every step of the way so if you have idea about how to improve it, please let us know by emailing ballymunconnects@ballymundtf.ie

Ballymun Connects is an initiative of the Ballymun Local Drugs and Alcohol Taskforce and was developed with support from Government through the Dormant Accounts Fund.